Mother Daughter Retreat

Mother Daughter Retreat


Reconnect with your daughter in a safe & relaxing setting.

Our first mother-daughter retreat will be held on Sunday March 10th from 10am -5pm at Snowbird Resort.

During this full day getaway parent & child dyads will engage in self care, interactive conversations, and learn more about their communication styles through personality testing. Each dyad will have the opportunity to participate in a fun and lighthearted partner yoga class and lunch will be included. Expect to leave feeling reconnected and relaxed.

Retreat includes: partner yoga, guided mindfulness practice, lunch, MBTI personality assessments & communication discussion, and self-care.

This retreat was created with 11-15 year olds in mind. However we accept daughters of all ages, if your daughter is interested in joining, we welcome her.

*We are open to all family systems and welcome any primary caregiver.