Camp GLOSS was created by two Utah-based therapists who believe that health and wellness can be experienced in a fun curriculum that promotes personal knowledge and wellbeing. With their backgrounds in mental health, the camp curriculum is founded on evidenced based practice and research. While this camp isn’t a therapy camp, every aspect of it has been created with wellbeing, self-actualization and success in mind. Our camp combines personality assessments with experiential learning to create a unique personal growth experience.

Camp Mission: We cultivate self-awareness, joy and perseverance through a transformational learning experience that supports young women in creating and actualizing their dreams.


(Your child will walk away with)

We offer summer camps, weekend retreats, and special evens for young women & their families throughout the year.

Through offering a combination of retreats, camps, and events, we are able to help young women build lifelong leadership & wellness skills.

After a week of camp, your child will leave with:

-A comprehensive understanding of their MMTIC Assessment Data

-Career exploration with introductions to professional women

-New relationships & friendships

-Service work experience & opportunities for continued service work

-A better understanding of their strengths & weaknesses as an individual

-An electronic "reset" after a week without social media

-Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness practices as a form of self care & stress reduction


This camp aims to address the complex paradigm of success and life-fulfillment for young women through an experiential, supportive, and collaborative learning environment.  Camp GLOSS is named after five foundational pillars of success including: Grit, Leadership, Opportunity, Service, and Self-Awareness. Research has made it clear that women face a unique set of challenges entering into college, careers, and family life. Our aim is to help young women learn skills, personal strengths and weaknesses so they may approach the next phase of their life with confidence and excitement. 

Camp Vision: We envision a world where young women actualize their potential through developing perseverance, confidence to seize opportunities, leadership skills, an expanded worldview, and self-awareness.