Our Five Pillars




One of our 5 pillars: we define Grit as the product of perseverance and growth. Each day will focus on personal growth and developing a growth mindset by incorporating an empirically reviewed measurement on personality, leadership and values. Additionally, there will be a daily outdoor exercise on topics ranging from learning through our mistakes and developing stress management skills to assertiveness training.



One of our 5 pillars: we define leadership as a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual to guide another with curiosity, awareness and confidence. Girls will have the opportunity to experience leadership roles every day. Additionally, assessments will be given & explored so that girls can get to know their individual leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses or areas for growth.



One of our 5 pillars: we define opportunity as the ability to find areas of personal weakness and turn them into opportunities for improvement. Additionally, the opportunity aspect of camp will focus on assertiveness training- teaching young girls how to effectively and confidently embrace opportunities.



One of our 5 pillars: we define self as self-awareness, self-care, self-actualization and self-confidence. Behind every successful woman is a solid foundation of self. Self-awareness, self-care and self-actualization. Every day includes a mindfulness practice, exercise, and self-reflection in the form of journaling. Additionally, many of the topics presented throughout the week will focus on pillars of self-care including: healthy relationships, key communication skills and stress management.

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One of our 5 pillars: we define service work as a unique way of learning that can create meaning, personal growth, and satisfaction. At camp, girls will have time every day dedicated to a service project of their choosing- with the assistance of counselors. At the end of the first week of camp, service projects will be prepared to implement during the second week.

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Camp Culture

With the exception of daily "check in" breaks, the camp will be entirely offline, meaning no cellphones or other socially connecting devices. Why? Research continues to demonstrate that social media and constant connectedness is leading to a rise in depression, especially among teens (technology may be used to develop a service project).