q: Is this a therapy camp?

A: While the cofounders and some board members of the camp are licensed clinical therapists in the state of Utah, this is not a therapy camp. Therapeutic techniques are woven into the curriculum and Assessments are used not to diagnose or do therapy, but to offer a preventative and collaborative experimental approach to wellbeing. With that being said, this camp is not designed for individuals wit serious mental health disorders, but we would be happy to provide referrals.


Q. Does camp include food?

A. We provide snacks throughout the day and lunch daily. There will be breakfast bars in the morning along with fruit for the girls if the don't eat breakfast before camp starts.


Q. Without cellphones, how will i be able to communicate with my daughter?

A. Camp staff will have cellphones on them at all times, and you will have the contact information for staff members.


Q. why is your camp gender-specific?

A. For a couple of reasons. First of all, we believe that girls face unique challenges in today's world, and this camp is structured to address these specific circumstances. Additionally, the co-founders of the camp both have considerable experience working with girls and adolescent females in therapeutic learning environments. Finally, we know that when boys are involved in activities a certain amount of vulnerability, and authenticity become compromised.


Q. Is this camp denominational?

A. No, we are non-denominational. We invite girls of all religious belief, orientation and thought.


Q. What does a normal day look like?

A. Great question. There will be some constants every day including: food, free time, journaling, yoga practice, mindfulness practice, group discussion and an outdoor activity. However days will vary in their focus, meaning one day time will be dedicated to service work, one day time will be dedicated to assessment interpretation and self-learning. We would be happy to share a more detailed schedule if you would like to reach out.